Comfort Food

2 Aug

I’ve been talking a lot about comfort food and consumer need to feel connected. Some people have called b.s. on it, others have accepted. Yet, low and behold I get this Packaged Facts report from a friend. Great read if you can get your hands on it. Maybe I’ll post it later this week. One thing I think is really interesting is this: According to our survey, all three cohorts are prompted by cravings to seek comfort foods. The next biggest trigger is stress, followed by being alone or bored. Connecting to one’s heritage and eating healthfully are the lowest on the scale. Interestingly, eating with immediate family also ranks low, which shows the personal nature of comfort food cravings and how we need it when we are on our own, for a little combo of psychological and nutritional nurturing.



Picture 2                                                                     Source: Packaged Facts


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