Every good restaurant should keep this in mind

2 Aug

There are three MUST with your restaurant staff and something that operators should take more seriously.

  1. Communication – always communicate with each other. That is servers, line cooks, bussers, runners, host, etc. Communication runs a solid ship. The first thing to happen when you are in the “weeds” is that guest notice the lack of service. 
  2. Consolidation – that is pretty simple. Too many times have I been out to eat and seen servers walking to the back with one glass and passing eight other tables that need to be bussed.
  3. Circulation – While servers see their 3-5 table section as their lemonade stand, circulating throughout the restaurant is a MUST, all hell can be breaking loose in a completely different section and unless you are on your toes you are letting your team fail.

It may seem rather preachy, but these three C’s are the basics that many restaurants fail to follow through on. Better service equals better business which equals more money in your pocket which equals having a job, which in this economic environment is something we should all be thankful for.


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