Friday’s does-someecards

4 Aug

I got this sent to me by @hartyboy who is pretty ingenious researcher in his own right. Friday’s obviously is pushing their bar business with this BYOB (bring your own buddies) promotion (save $5 off each entree with ecards pushing bar humor).  All of the TGIF someecards center around happy hour. It’s great use of brand integration with an irreverent e-card site. Also great use of digital integration with the text coupon usage. More restaurants are trying to push value menu’s and this $5 off is the “friend” entree probably gives consumers the perception that they are going to receive more off then they actually do. My guess is that it’s increasing trial usage but not necessarily repeat business. If that’s their strategy, it’s working. If it’s to increase loyalist; only time and traffic/sales reports will be able to show us. My biggest issue with the $5 off menu is that it doesn’t fit well with the transparency trend – consumers in these times are looking for the best value deal (which often isn’t an upsold $14.99 item) something echoed in QSR magazine , consumers want that $5-$10 meal with no strings attached.

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