Krispy Kreme opens a “neighborhood” concept

7 Aug

Picture 1

The neighborhood concept takes away the “now hot” signs in lue of a smaller footprint and more options such as the brand new Kool Kreme soft serve menu. Offered in Very Vanilla and Deep Chocolate, Kool Kreme soft serve is available in traditional cones, shakes and sundaes, all paired with a toppings bar. Customers can taste a few Krispy Kreme specialties, including the Company’s signature doughnut sundaes, which come in chocolate cake, strawberry cake and Original Glazed. The Artic Avalanche combines Kool Kreme with a candy mix-in.

The first customer will receive one free dozen Original Glazed doughnuts every week for a year; the next 11 customers will be given a free dozen Original Glazed doughnuts every month for a year. In addition, the first 100 customers will take home an official Krispy Kreme T-shirt.

Unfortunately this isn’t going to work as Krispy Kreme’s issues are more operationally related. It almost seems as if they are facing the same growing pains that Starbucks fortunately realized a little sooner – over expansion ruined a good concept. The problem that I have with a doughnut shop that is built on it’s nostalgic 1937 roots is that you have to keep up with that. It means no dirty stores and unkept parking lots. It means a smiling guy with a broom. It’s the girl who acts like doughnuts are her life and she would rather do nothing more. It’s the feeling that this could be possibly the best doughnut in the world and you got the experience to go along with it. Price alone in a value driven world will only keep the doors open for so long.

Bottom line: Dunkin Dounuts are on every corner. And the “now hot” sign is what got most of the people in the door in the first place. Let me know if i’m seeing this all wrong…


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