Ann Cooper talks school lunches

18 Aug

Picture 7

While this is from the 2007 EG conference, where Ann Cooper talks about the coming revolution in the way kids eat at school — local, sustainable, seasonal and even educational food, it is even more important to take a deeper look at this video as we dive into kids menu’s in restaurants. Kids these days are known to be a touch on the picky side (supported in NPD data) and also tend to stray towards the adult fairs.

This trend isn’t just something that is taking place in the food industry, in fact it’s something that the food industry is latching on to rather late. It started with the fashion industry about 5-7 years ago when older women started dressing more like their daughters (also made popular by shows like The OC and Desperate Housewives), mom and daughter started wearing the same pair of True Religion jeans, wearing the same tops, shoes, purses, and so on. The reason I bring the fashion trend up is that while mom and daughter have gotten closer in concrete items, families have also found ways to come together through food. Families are eating together more, parents are spending more time focusing in on what their kids are doing day in and day out. Finally, we’re actually becoming cultured as a nation. Imagine that…

Is this refining of pallets and taste just a country coming of age, and is this coming of age the start of the death of the “kids” menu?


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