Eating Local

14 Sep


In the last few years, much has been said about the environmental benefits of eating local food. There’s so much talk about local food, in fact, that the term “locavore” was coined in 2005 and two years later the New Oxford American Dictionary named it the word of the year.

Some locavores devote themselves to CSAs and farmers’ markets. Others (including the Obamas) go one step further, planting backyard, roof, and community gardens. But, in the wake of all this fuss over food miles, some folks, including Just Food author James McWilliams, are starting to question the notion that eating local can really solve all our food-related problems.

It’s not just about eating local – it’s producing local as well – personally have a hard time believing Chipotle locavore claims.  Locavore – if you don’t know is sustainable food production, processing, distribution all within a max of 150 miles of that location ultimately to provide a sustainable and self reliant food economy for the area. For Chipotle it just doesn’t seem profitable, but I may be missing something. 


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