Has the lapsed and rejecter user changed?

16 Sep

Industry data points to lapsed being 6 months and rejecter being 12 or more months. Yet, in this economy consumers are staying home more and spending less time at these restaurants. We know they aren’t trading down full time for FC’s for the most part they are now just going less.

The below data points are what the industry has been using for years, and we were having a discussion for a bit on the fact that the lapsed user spec has been around for years at 6 months without taking into account the assault that FSR’s are getting from FC’s, or the new frugle consumer of the last year or so.

Lapsed user is 6 months out
Rejecter is 12-24 months

It would be interesting to see if 18-24 months is the new rejecter. Are they TRUE rejecters at more than 18 months and still hitting lapsed at the 12-16ish month mark (due to financial strains/competitive sets/etc.)


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