Welcome to Moe’s

30 Nov

Well not really a welcome. Moe’s has a new promo after 3pm that any burrito is $5.99 with chips and a drink. Here’s the issue – what if you get a Art Vandelay for $5.59? Glad you asked because you’ll be paying for the $5.99 meal deal whether you like it or not.

This is a sure fire way to piss off your brand loyalist and even new users. Having been to Moe’s a few times in my life I know what the Art Vandelay cost and the below receipt isn’t it. My problem isn’t that they charged me $6.35. My problem is their explanation which was, “It doesn’t matter what you get. We charge you for the $5.99 meal”. My response – “So, I don’t want a drink because soda makes me want to puke and my meal burrito is $5.59 – so you’re charging me for the $5.99 meal?” It seems like such a small thing to be upset about, but right now in our uber transparent society one mistake and i’ve already moved on another local Mexican joint.  Sometimes things don’t add up – I get that, but at least have a good explanation for it. It’s actually going to hurt them when they audit themselves and their food cost are all over the place. Hopefully it’s just a local store anomaly, but most likely not. 


One Response to “Welcome to Moe’s”

  1. 1ndigo November 30, 2009 at 7:01 pm #

    For us Moe’s illiterate peeps, whats an Art Vandelay?
    And did you get the Combo anyway?

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